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Give the gift of wellness and creativity.

Bream’s classes are expert-taught and tailored to the needs and interests of older adults.

Our classes are easy to access on any device and are designed to use supplies that are usually found in the home.

We offer unlimited support to make it easy to get your loved one started, and a community of supportive experts, instructors, and classmates to keep them going.

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Gifting plans

Gifting Monthly
  • Unlimited access to all classes
  • Industry-leading instructors
  • Science-backed, gerontologist approved content
  • Supportive community of classmates, experts, and instructors
  • 30-day money back guarantee
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Gifting Annual
  • 20% discount
  • Unlimited access to all classes
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Industry-leading instructors
  • Science-backed, gerontologist approved content
  • Supportive community of classmates, experts, and instructors
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If you have questions, we’ve got answers.

Find what you need from our frequently asked questions.
How do I know which plan is best for me?

The Individual Plan is for older adults. If you are gifting Bream to a loved one, access our Gift Bream plan.

Who is Bream for?

Bream was created for older adults (ages 55+) but our content is relatable at any age.

In developing Bream, we designed experiences to bring people together. From different places, ages, identities and life experiences. 

How long is a Bream class?

Our classes range from 10 to 60 minutes long.

What types of classes does Bream have?

Bream offers classes in a wide range of subjects and disciplines. We have classes in nutrition, painting, memoir writing, fitness, dance, cooking, meditation, poetry, brain health, crafts and more.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, you can access a Bream class for free here. No strings attached.

What technology will I need to access Bream classes?

You only need an internet-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Our technical support team is available to help with any needs or issues.

What is the set-up time like?

Your account will activate immediately upon sign-up.

I signed up for a plan. How do I start taking classes?

Once you purchase a plan, our team sends a welcome email and you are directed straight to the Bream Class Library. Classes are located in our ‘Class Library’ in the navigation menu. Choose any class and go at your own pace.

What is the difference between on-demand and live classes?

On-demand refers to classes that you can watch at your own convenience any time and at your own pace. Pause, rewind, and take again. These classes will always be available to you.

Live classes happen at scheduled times. For example, aerobics at 9 am on Wednesday. Check out our calendar for what classes are coming each week.

What are the health benefits of Bream?

Bream improves mental, physical and emotional health.

Do you offer discounts or sales on Bream subscriptions?

Yes we do occasionally offer discounts and sales. Sign-up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or at our blog.

I’m new to all of this. Is Bream still right for me?

Bream is for anyone with or without experience. Our teachers create content for everyone and there are no prerequisites. Classes have a variety of difficulty levels; from Beginner to Advanced. We also have All Levels classes which can be enjoyed at any skill level. Ultimately, Bream helps you build new skills and hobbies and is a tool for anyone with a willingness to learn.

For classes that require art supplies, how do I know what to purchase?

If a class requires specific supplies, you will find a list in the class description. Many of the supplies and materials can be found around the house.

Can I cancel my subscription to Bream anytime?

Yes, plans renew on a monthly and annual basis. You can cancel anytime. We make it easy, and there are no hidden cancellation fees.

Does Bream have a mobile app?

Bream classes can be accessed on mobile phones through the Kajabi app, available for free in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. After downloading, open the Kajabi app, select ‘Get Started,’ and enter your Bream email address. A six-digit confirmation code will be sent to your email, enter it into the app when prompted. After confirmation, your Bream library will be available in the Kajabi app. 

How does a loved one redeem their Bream gift subscription?

When you purchase a Bream gift subscription, you will receive an email that includes a voucher code and a link to redeem. Simply forward the email to the gift recipient. They will need to click the button to “redeem” and simply enter their code, name, and email.

How do I cancel a Bream subscription?

To cancel a gift subscription, please email us at and we will assist you.

Still have questions? You can contact us anytime and we’ll reply within 24 hours, guaranteed.
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