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Older adults are motivated by activities that keep them sharp, healthy, and growing!

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Raising the bar on lifelong learning

Bream Business is a smart, efficient, and affordable way to deliver engaging, creative programming to older adults.

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We combine science-backed, ready-to-deliver online arts and wellness classes with the implementation support your team needs to engage, stimulate, and inspire older adults in your community.

What can Bream do for you?

What can Bream do for you?

Library Systems:

  • Offer remote access to Bream to individual library card holders
  • Schedule in-person events around Bream’s live and pre-recorded sessions
  • Apply grant funding designed to support lifelong learning goals
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Activities Professionals:

  • Supplement regular offerings on nights, weekends, or anytime when programming staff are stretched thin
  • Schedule in-person events around Bream’s live and pre-recorded sessions
  • Use our wellness classes as source material for broader discussions
  • Support intergenerational learning experiences

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Area Agencies on Aging / Municipal Departments

  • Offer remote access to Bream to state, county, city, and district residents
  • Recreation Departments and Councils on Aging can offer in-person, group learning events leveraging Bream content
  • Reinforce one-off, in-person arts and wellness programming with Bream library access
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Hospital Systems + Insurance Companies

  • Offer remote access to Bream to customers via your membership portal
  • Develop a “roadmap to brain health” using Bream’s science-backed curriculum
  • Award customers with a certificate if they complete the roadmap
  • Encourage customers to share their progress with their providers

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Partner with Bream

  • Add Bream classes to your existing library of recorded and live programming
  • Co-create and co-brand new classes with us
  • Increase usage and extend your brand’s reach beyond your home region
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Suggested methods for offering Bream classes to groups and individuals

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Scheduled Group Learning

A staff member on your team:

  • Selects a class from the Bream catalog
  • Schedules the class and gathers supplies if necessary
  • Sets up the A/V
  • Presses play!
  • Is on hand to answer any questions
  • Gathers and submit feedback
  • Exhibits physical artwork (optional)

Programming professionals may also use Bream content as source material or to extend other group learning sessions that they deliver in-person.

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Individual Learning

Individual learners associated with your organization:

  • Access Bream classes from personal or loaned devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, web-enabled TVs)
  • Take all of the arts and wellness classes that they like, at their own pace, however many times they like
  • Submit own feedback and artwork
  • Participate as a member of the Bream community
Dr Jeffrey Cummings

Dr. Jeffrey Cummings, MD, ScD

“Bream brings together techniques that provide stimulating and engaging content to seniors. I recommend this program for those wanting to advance their brain health with creativity, wellness, and connection.”

Get to know the Bream difference

We are subject matter experts

The design of our classes is informed by hundreds of insights, lessons, and pieces feedback gathered via in-person programs that we have led since 2014.

Learner experience is “sticky”

Our classes are beautifully-produced, ad-free, modern, engaging, informative, relaxing, and fun! Learners will want to use the entire library.

Health experts agree on Bream

Gerontology and brain health experts agree that Bream’s curriculum improves mental, physical, and emotional health for older adults, while promoting greater activity, happiness, connection, and self-awareness.

The NAAP approves

Bream has also been endorsed by the National Association of Activities Professionals (NAAP).

Enhance Your Lifelong Learning Offerings with Bream Business

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Does Bream offer a nonprofit discount?

Contact us to discuss!

What are the technology requirements?

Bream classes are hosted online. Learners will need access to a computer, tablet, television, or smart-phone, and a high-speed internet connection. Our technical support team is available to answer your questions. We’re here to make this easy.

What is the set-up time like?

Our team will help you activate your Bream Business account(s). Once we have all of the information, it takes us 24-hours. It’s super easy and fast.

What does it mean to subscribe to Bream Business?

Your success is our success. We offer new Business subscribers support to get up and running, and are available to train news staff as they join your organization. We are also committed to working with technology teams to discuss and implement solutions that make sense for your community of users. From installing Bream on web-enabled devices to setting up custom registration codes and landing pages, we are here to help.

How can I integrate Bream into my existing programming?

Bream classes are appropriate for use in a variety of different program settings. You may deliver Bream classes to groups as well as provide individuals in your community with the option to learn and create on their own. Review our implementation suggestions and contact us to discuss what might work best in your environment.

Can our community ever “complete” Bream?

That would be an amazing feat! However, given the fact that we will release new classes throughout the year, that repeat experiences with art making classes will inspire new work as participants master skills, and that wellness learning takes on new meaning in response to changes in health status, Bream classes are never “done.”

Can I cancel my Bream Business Plan?

Bream Professional Plans are billed monthly on the day of the month when you originally subscribed. (If you subscribed on the 10th of the month, you will be billed monthly on the 10th.) Contact us 14 days (two weeks) ahead of your next payment date to put your subscription on hold or cancel it.