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Enhance care with efficient, affordable, and engaging programming for older adults

Bream Business is effortless to implement for groups and individuals.
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Scheduled Group Learning

Integrate ready-made arts and wellness curriculum into your community, through facilitated group learning sessions.

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Individual Learning

Use your Bream subscription to provide residents with on-demand access to classes via personal or loaned web-enabled devices.

Navigate staffing issues with ease

Staffing issues and programming budgets are challenging. We are here to help with:

  • Onboarding new residents

  • Increasing social engagement among residents

  • Evenings and weekends when staffing is reduced

  • Demonstrating to family that residents are stimulated and thriving

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Bream works best with residents

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Living independently

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New to your community

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In rehab

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Who are ready for more

We are subject matter experts

The design of our classes is based on science, and informed by hundreds of insights, lessons, and pieces feedback gathered via in-person programs that we have led since 2014.

“If I had to describe Bream in one word I'd say - great! I love all the classes. They help me relax and feel my best.”
—Individual older adult
“I love Bream’s high-quality instructors, modern, colorful look and feel, the diversity of their offerings, and cross-cultural representation.”
—Activities Professional
“Sharing creative output within communities is a key way to signal engagement, wellness, support marketing at a site level, and demonstrate replicable results across the company.”
—Senior Living Executive
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Bream Business
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If you have questions, we’ve got answers.

From initial consult and training staff to getting the program running, the Bream team is here to support you.
As Us a Question
What are the technology requirements?

Bream Business offers unlimited health and creativity classes. Bream is accessible on any web-enabled device; including tablets, computers, phones, or TVs.

What is the set-up time like?

Our team will help you activate your Bream Business account(s). Once we have all of the information, it takes us 24-hours. It’s super easy and fast.

What does it mean to subscribe to Bream Business?

Your success is our success. We offer new Business subscribers support to get up and running, and are available to train new staff as they join your organization. We are also committed to working with technology teams to discuss and implement solutions that make sense for your community of users. From installing Bream on web-enabled devices to setting up custom registration codes and landing pages, we are here to help.

How can I integrate Bream into my existing programming?

Bream classes are appropriate for use in a variety of different program settings. You may deliver Bream classes to groups as well as provide individuals in your community with the option to learn and create on their own. Review our implementation suggestions and contact us to discuss what might work best in your environment.

Can our community ever ‘complete’ Bream?

That would be an amazing feat! However, given the fact that we will release new classes throughout the year, that repeat experiences with art making classes will inspire new work as participants master skills, and that wellness learning takes on new meaning in response to changes in health status, Bream classes are never “done.”

Can I cancel my Bream Business Plan?

Bream Professional Plans are billed monthly on the day of the month when you originally subscribed. (If you subscribed on the 10th of the month, you will be billed monthly on the 10th.) Contact us 14 days (two weeks) ahead of your next payment date to put your subscription on hold or cancel it.

Does Bream offer a nonprofit discount?

Contact us to discuss!

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