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Student stories

“I learned how to use my imagination to fly away from stress. This class helped me feel secure and soothed.”

Lisa Finnie

on stress management with Bream

“I use the platform to train myself, to learn, and to expand the arts and wellness programming I bring to residents. The content is clear and fun!”

Angel N.

Affordable Housing Professional, on implementing Bream

Bream is informative and easy to navigate. I’ve learned new things about nutrition that have helped me stay on the right track.”

Rosemary M.

on improving her diet with Bream

“We host family nights and create amazing intergenerational projects from all of Bream’s engaging activities.”

Renisha O.

Equitable Education Professional, on implementing Bream

If I had to describe Bream in one word I'd say - great! I love all the classes. They help me relax and feel my best.

Lizzie W.

on improving her well-ness with Bream